6 Reasons Grooming Is Important For Your Dog’s Health

Grooming is often thought of as something that’s useful just to keep your pet looking its best, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Most dog owners get their dogs groomed when they think they look a bit unkempt or when they start smelling a bit funny (both perfectly good reasons for taking your pup to the groomers by the way).

However, grooming also has many health benefits that most pet owners don’t take into consideration. How much grooming your dog needs depends on its skin and coat type and the length of its fur, but all dogs need basic grooming for optimal health and well-being. Here are some reasons it’s important to get your dog groomed regularly.

At Sugar Paws, we are aware of the importance of professional grooming for pets. We provide services for dog grooming in Dubai so your furry friend can stay happy and healthy for a long time.

1. Makes Them Comfortable

Not grooming your pup can bring immense discomfort to them and can cause many serious problems. Something as simple as brushing is quite enjoyable for most dogs and can feel like a relaxing massage to them. Proper brushing removes loose dead hair along with minor knots and tangles preventing painful matting.

If your dog has a longer coat that is prone to matting, it might feel discomfort because matting isn’t just painful but can also cause sores on the skin. Brushing regularly can help prevent such issues and remove dirt off of your pup’s coat.

2. Prevents Ear Infections

Dogs have hair in their ears, especially ones who have long coats. These hairs need to be plucked, so they don’t get infections or bring discomfort to your pooch. Dogs need ear cleaning regularly because infections can affect their hearing and also cause many other health problems.

3. Prevents Fleas

Bathing is as important for your pet as it is for you. Dogs don’t need baths as often as we do of course (and neither are daily baths good for their skin and fur), but once a month is essential.

Bathing allows you to find fleas and ticks, fungus, rashes (some of which are caused by food allergies or insect bites), and any other issues with your dog’s skin or fur. While bathing alone cannot get rid of every problem, it is undoubtedly a great way to start. Once you see potential problems with your pup’s coat, you can take timely action to eliminate them.

4. Protects Their Feet

Nail clipping is one of the most overlooked parts of pet grooming, but it can have a significant impact on your dog’s physical health. Long nails can force dogs to walk on the side of their feet which can be quite painful and can also cause arthritis and bone deformation in the long run.

Some dogs have nails that are harder to cut, and some just don’t like having their nails trimmed but it’s important to keep your puppy’s nails at an appropriate length so they don’t cause any long term health issues.

5. It’s Good For The Eyes

The discharge and crust in your dog’s eyes might make it difficult for them to see things. It’s not just painful but can also cause tear stains that release an unpleasant odor. Your pooch might also develop sores that will only be visible once the crust is removed after a good grooming session.

6. Check Abnormalities

If you groom your dog regularly, you and your groomer will become aware of the marks on your pet’s body. Anything out of the ordinary can therefore be immediately identified before it becomes a bigger issue. Timely discovery and treatment can help safeguard your pup’s health, which is why regular grooming is an important part of pet healthcare and well-being.

Importance Of Grooming

Professional grooming is vital for keeping your precious pet looking its best. Good grooming is essential to help keep your pup healthy for a long time, both physically and mentally. These should be enough reasons for you to book your grooming session at Sugar Paws.

Our skilled staff is well trained and will make your pup comfortable, and you’ll be amazed to see the change in its appearance after experiencing our professional dog grooming in Dubai. Visit our website and book a grooming session for your pooch now!


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