What Dog Owners Need to Know Before Bringing a Cat Home

People who have never owned a cat, especially those who have only ever had dogs as pets, may find cat care a bit confusing. Some people believe cats are aggressive and unfriendly and don’t bond with their owners like dogs.

At our pet care center, we meet people who have adopted abandoned cats or have a partner who has a cat, and they want to learn how to care for their new pets properly.

If any of these scenarios apply to you, or if you love cats but have never had them, here are a few things you need to know about cat care.

Just like dogs, cats want plenty of playtime.

Some people believe that cats are lazy and only want to sleep. Like dogs, cats require daily exercise to maintain their happiness and health, but they play differently.

Unlike dogs, cats need brief moments of playtime to exercise their natural impulses. You can engage and help cats mimic hunting behavior by making slow movements with a cat wand. Cats love to chase things, so a rattle ball or cat toy stuffed with catnip will go a long way in keeping them active. Electronic toys explicitly designed for chasing are good if your cat also enjoys playtime alone.

Petting a cat is not the same as petting a dog.

Some people claim they prefer dogs because they are easier to cuddle with, even though many cats enjoy cuddling too.

Letting the cat lead you when petting them is key. Cats will rub your hand to indicate where they want to be petted and scratched; all you have to do is follow.

Some cats even like to get their bellies scratched (depending on the cat) – much like dogs!

You can’t discipline cats, but you can train them.

There is a misconception that cats are uninterested in humans except for feeding time. Cats can be trained just like dogs; you just need to employ different tactics.

Punishment does not work with cats. Shouting or reprimanding cannot convince them that their actions were improper. Positive reinforcement is the answer.

Cats can be trained to come when called, shake hands, and learn other “dog” tricks with the correct rewards and training methods.

You can walk cats too.

Cats can learn to walk on a leash, just like dogs, if correctly socialized. It may take more time to teach a cat than a dog, but with plenty of positive reinforcement, cats can be trained to walk wearing a harness!

Many cats enjoy spending time outside. Taking them for walks on a leash is an excellent way to get them some much-needed exercise and offer them the chance to establish a broader territory, resulting in your cat feeling more at ease in its surroundings.

Cats need a different diet than dogs.

Compared to dogs, cats digest nutrients differently. Providing cats with a nutritious, balanced diet is an essential aspect of cat care; this involves feeding them more regularly throughout the day with smaller, more frequent meals.

Although it’s easy for cats to gain weight, it’s more difficult for them to lose it than it is for dogs, so it’s crucial to watch their portion sizes.

Dogs’ bodies break down excess fat when hungry, just like humans. On the other hand, cats cannot break down stored fat and may experience organ damage if their food portions are abruptly increased or decreased.

Cats love you; they just express it in different ways.

Contrary to popular belief, cats do care about their owners. Because cats are independent creatures, people commonly misinterpret their independence as indifference.

Cats are loving animals, but they show their affection differently from dogs.

Cats view humans as a part of their territory and a secure haven. Cats usually brush up against or lie on top of you if they trust you. It’s their way of saying, “This is my human.”

Although they purr for various reasons, cats mostly purr when happy. It’s their unique method of conversing with others.

Cats are solitary animals; therefore, the most obvious indication that your cat likes your company is when they choose to stay close to you. If your cat likes watching you or blinks her eyes slowly, she’s saying she loves you. Those slow blinks are called “cat kisses”!

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