We are currently by appointment only for the safety of our staff and pet owners. We are following COVID-19 health and safety precautions to keep everyone safe and require everyone to book in advance and arrive on time for grooming sessions.

If you’re running late or need to re-schedule please let us know as soon as possible. Last minute cancellations and no-shows affect everyone so please be considerate and inform us as early as possible.

Municipality law requires every pet to be fully vaccinated. Grooming salons are not allowed to accept pets who are unvaccinated or whose yearly vaccinations have expired. Please have your pet’s updated vaccination records with you when you bring them in.

We recommend waiting for a week before bringing pets in for grooming after being vaccinated. Some pets can become stressed and develop a slight fever after vaccinations and bringing them in soon after can make them very ill. In such cases we request pet owners to re-schedule their pet’s session because we don’t compromise on the health and wellbeing of our beloved fur babies.

Many pets don’t enjoy being groomed but it is important to keep their fur and skin clean and healthy to prevent infections and related issues from developing. Our staff are trained and know how to deal with pet temperaments of all kinds. They are extremely patient and will never rush a pet into grooming without making him/her comfortable first. Your pet is in safe hands with our wonderful team.

Yes, in most cases. Our team is great at calming even aggressive pets down. If however the situation becomes dangerous and there’s risk of injury to the pet or a team member, the session will have to be cancelled or re-scheduled for another time.

Please tell us about any underlying condition, allergy, or health issue (this includes any recent surgeries). If your pet is receiving topical treatment for a skin condition or is on medication please inform us. If your pet has a suspected skin issue or if their fur is tangled or matted please let us know in advance as these things determine what type of grooming and products will be best suited to them as well as how much time the session might take.

We don’t offer mobile grooming services because we groom pets in a calm and loving environment with care and patience. Mobile grooming is convenient for owners but can be very stressful for some pets. Until we figure out how to replicate the Sugar Paws experience on four wheels, we will remain in-store only.

We have a welcome discount, a referral discount, and a loyalty program. We will be bringing lots of good things your way so follow us on social media and keep up to date on everything Sugar Paws!

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