Dog Bathing 101: Everything You Need To Know

As a pet owner, you may face times when your dog wants to skip baths. This is normal because not all dogs enjoy bathing. However, this doesn’t mean you can let your dog skip baths, of course!

Bathing is essential for canine coats and skin. It keeps skin and fur clean and helps keep diseases and germs at bay. As pet groomers in Dubai, we often come across first-time paw-rents to an adorable pooch, who have questions about bath-related topics. In this blog, you will find all the answers to doggy bath-related questions that we have encountered so far.

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Q. How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need daily scrubs to stay fresh. Dogs do need regular baths to keep clean, but how regular? Well, that depends on various factors. 

Generally, a monthly bath works well for most dogs. How frequently your dog needs a bath for optimum results depends on a few factors, however. The type of coat your dog has and the environment he/she lives in will affect how much bathing and grooming he/she will need. A veterinarian or professional groomer can advise you about bathing frequency according to your dog’s breed, but here are some basic things dog owners should know.

  • Once a month works well for most dogs, but dogs with oily coats might need a bath once a week.
  • Short-haired breeds don’t need baths as often as other breeds, as some of them (like Basenjis) can keep themselves relatively clean without baths.
  • Breeds like Golden Retrievers that have water-repellent coats, should be bathed less often to preserve natural oils in their coat.
  • Dogs with thicker coats need fewer baths and more brushing to get rid of the dead hair and knots in their fur.

Some pups enjoy swimming, and who would want to stop these adorable little sploots from having a fun-filled beach day? You may need to bathe them more often in this case. Keep an eye on your pup’s swimming and muddy activities because they will usually need a bath afterwards. Bear in mind that excessive bathing can strip natural oils from your dog’s coat. Some shampoos can harm your dog’s skin, so make sure the shampoos and conditioners you use to bathe your dog are organic and have no side effects.

The simplest way to identify whether your furry baby needs a bath or not, is how they smell. If they smell unpleasant then it’s probably time for a good bath.

Q. How Should I Bathe My Dog?

  • Once you know your pup needs a bath, the next step is to brush your dog’s coat, so there are no mats and tangles that can cause skin irritation.
  • Prepare warm water as you would for a human baby. Dogs cannot tolerate hot water, so make sure you use only lukewarm water to rinse their fur. 
  • Some dogs don’t enjoy bathing, so you need to soothe them and make them feel safe first. Talk to your pup in a calm tone so he/she can relax.
  • Apply organic shampoo and massage thoroughly all over your dog’s body.
  • After massaging and working the shampoo into your dog’s fur properly, rinse well to remove any remaining shampoo.
  • Lastly, don’t use any harsh dryers on their coats. You can either let them air-dry, or use dryers for dogs.

Q. Where Should I Bathe My Dog?

If you are the paw-rent of a small pooch, bathing might be an easier task for you. Place your furr-end into the sink or a laundry tub, and bathe them. However, it is different if you have a big dog. You will need to have a bathtub or to get into the shower with your pup. Bathing your dog in your garden or backyard is also a good option when the weather is nice. Your pup will enjoy the bath and consider it playtime!

Q. Where Can I Get Professional Help?

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