Understanding Your Cat: How to Become Fluent in Feline

Everyone who calls themselves a “cat lover” will agree that cats make excellent conversationalists. Cats have a lot to say, and it can require some experience to understand them.

Thankfully, learning to read a cat’s body language and decipher those cute meows will help you communicate better with your cat.

This article will help you understand what your cat is trying to tell you, especially if your cat communication skills are a little rusty.

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Communicating with Cats

Cats don’t hold back when expressing their needs or feelings. Cats can use around 100 different vocal sounds to communicate. Despite this, it can be challenging to understand them. You’re sure to get scratched if you can’t distinguish between an angry meow and a friendly one!

Here are some examples of the most common meows (translated to human for your convenience).

High-pitched, quick meow: “Hello, there, human! What’s up?”

A string of tiny meows all at once: “I’m so glad to have you back! I’ll just express I’ve missed you instead of leaping at you like a dog!”

Soft meows of desperation: “Since I’m starving, I’ll be a super-cute sucka. Please feed me already!”

Low or drawn-out meow: “This place’s service is terrible. Human servant, you are starting to irritate me.”

Understanding cat meows is only one aspect of mastering cat communication. Felines attempt to communicate by making a variety of sounds, including:


A sound that falls between a purr and a meow. It’s typically used to greet someone or to get your attention by being adorable. 


Your cat is demonstrating their hunting prowess by attempting to lure unsuspecting prey. Instead of laughing at the cute sound they make, try not to frighten their prey.


This specific cat sound, which resembles a combination between a yodel and howling, can be distracting. Although spayed and neutered cats can also yowl, yowling is a mating call often limited to cats in heat.

Snarling and hissing

The hiss and growl approach is never a positive indicator and is only used in instances where cats are scared or angry. It’s generally best to keep away if you have no reason to believe your cat is hurt or in pain.

Inaudible meowing

A meow that is so quiet you can hardly hear it can indicate fatigue, hunger, or dehydration. If your cat is happy and healthy, it may be doing this to tug at your heartstrings.


What does a cat purr indicate? Does this mean your cat adores you? 

Be at ease. One of the sweetest sounds you may hear from your furry friend is a soft, vibrating purr. Although a cat’s feelings can be mysterious, hearing a purr indicates your kitty’s contentment and love.

Sometimes unusual purring can be a sign that your cat is in distress. If you have reason to believe something may be amiss, consult your veterinarian to be on the safe side.  

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