7 Tips To Keep Your Cat Happy Indoors

Outdoor activities aren’t always the best option for pets, especially when the weather is too hot or too cold. It is a myth that pets cannot stay happy and healthy indoors. This is especially true when it comes to cats.

At Sugar Paws, we know the importance of professional grooming. To help your pet stay happy and healthy, we provide premium services related to cat grooming in Dubai. Here are a few ways to keep your cat happy indoors.

1. Start Young

Young kittens are always easier to train as compared to older cats. If you are thinking of getting a kitten, it’s best to keep it indoors, so it gets used to living inside. Kittens are more likely to adopt the indoor lifestyle easily if they have experienced it since birth.

2. Get Exciting Toys

Cats are usually athletic in nature, and for centuries they have been used for hunting mice and rats. It is only natural that they have a lot of energy; an indoor cat can become bored and destructive if it doesn’t let out all that pent up energy.

Pet toys are a great way to keep your cats busy and playful at home. There are several unique pet toys that are designed to excite your furry friend. You can test what kind of toys your cat loves to play with and provide those to help your cat stay active and happy.

3. Let Your Cat Climb

Cats naturally have the instinct to climb, and suppressing it might not be good for their health. Although your cat doesn’t belong in the wild, it still retains the same instincts, so it is better to give your kitty the space to climb. Cat trees come in different shapes and sizes to fit your space, and if you’re creative enough to build your own cat shelves, that’s an added bonus. Let your kitty climb and go up to places only it can!

4. Use Catnip

If you have been a cat owner for a while, you might have heard of catnip. Catnip is a herb that contains natural oil that has a unique effect on cats. It produces a natural high when cats rub against it or smell it, but it is entirely harmless. However, all cats do not respond to catnip the same way, if your cat enjoys catnip, it can be an additional item to keep your kitty happy indoors.

5. Use Fences

If you have a backyard or another outdoor space in your house that you can use to build a cat patio, your cat gets its daily dose of fresh air without having to go out. Using fences high enough to stop your cat from climbing out and other animals from coming in is a must if you plan on letting your kitty out in the backyard to play for a while. 

However, always make sure to keep an eye on your cat’s activities and don’t leave them unsupervised outside.

6. Spend Play Time With Them

Play time is vital for indoor pets. There’s only so much that pets can do on their own, and most pets want the attention of their pawrents, so you need to let your cat get playful with you. You can try out new toys and tricks with it. Allow your cat to jump, kick, and chase their toys while they are playing with you. To keep it entertaining, try to switch toys, so your cat doesn’t get bored.

7. Love Your Cat

The most important thing for pets is the love they receive from their humans. Cats may seem distant to some people, but they require just as much attention and love as dogs and other pets. Toys and treats don’t matter if your cat feels neglected and doesn’t get proper attention, so make sure you shower your little friend with all the love in the world.

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