3 Ways Your Dog Communicates With You

Dog Behavior

Dogs can’t talk, but they can still let you know exactly what they need. All you have to do is know what to look for. 

Some non verbal canine behavioral cues are obvious, while others aren’t. To find out how you can become a smart pet owner, keep reading! 

There are many behaviors that a dog will display to tell you what they need and feel. Since dogs are generally friendly and attention-loving, your efforts to understand them better will not go unnoticed, and your dog will shower you with even more affection! 

Keep reading to know what your dog may be experiencing and what they are trying to tell you. 

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Your Dog’s Modes of Communication

Tail Movements:

You’ve probably heard that a wagging tail means a happy dog. Alas, that is not always true. Usually, a dog’s tail can tell you a lot about its feelings. It enables you to find out how your dog is feeling and understand the emotional state they are in. 

When you see slight but smooth tail wagging, you can rest easy because your dog is relaxed. However, tail wagging with speed and sharpness can indicate that your dog may not be in the mood for tickles and playing. Understanding these signs is key to knowing how to react to your dog’s mood appropriately.

Body Posture:

Body language can tell you a lot about people’s feelings and thoughts.

The same is true for dogs. A dog’s body language is a great indicator of their feelings and emotions. A cowering dog is probably scared and sad. At the same time, when a dog sits on its four legs and acts restless, this can tell you he/she is happy and excited to see you. If you spot your dog rolling around and exposing its tummy, you know it’s playtime!

Facial Expressions:

Dogs can communicate easily using facial expressions. Usually, a grin or a loose tongue tells you that a dog is happy and wants to be around you. If your dog starts growling and snarling however, you can be sure that he/she is angry and displeased. 

Understand these changes to properly care for your dog and do what is best for him/her. Every living being has certain requirements. If you can anticipate what your dog may require, it will appreciate your efforts and love you even more!

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